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Travel and Transport

Altruistic Care Services

Travel and Transport

NDIS Transport Assistance

Assistance in attending appointments, medical, shopping or drop children at school. Altruistic Care Services can arrange a one off or a regular schedule. 

NDIS transport assistance is a crucial facet of the National Disability Insurance Scheme, providing support for individuals with disabilities. This service ensures participants can access essential activities, appointments, and community engagements. NDIS covers various transport options, including taxis, public transportation, and specialised disability transport services. Tailored to individual needs, this assistance promotes independence and community participation. NDIS funds can be allocated to cover transport costs, facilitating seamless access to healthcare, education, and social activities. By addressing transportation barriers, NDIS transport assistance enhances the overall quality of life for participants, fostering inclusivity and empowering individuals with disabilities to engage in daily life.

NDIS Core Supports Transport

NDIS Core Supports include essential transport assistance for individuals with disabilities, promoting accessibility and community engagement. This funding covers transportation costs to attend appointments, activities, and social events. Participants can choose from various transport modes, including taxis, public transport, or specialised disability services. NDIS Core Supports Transport aims to enhance independence by addressing mobility barriers, enabling seamless access to healthcare, education, and community activities. This support recognizes the importance of transportation in daily life, empowering participants to lead more fulfilling and connected lives. NDIS funds are allocated to ensure individuals have the means to participate actively in their communities. Feel free to contact us at Altruistic Care Services for more information. 

NDIS Transport Services

If you are looking for an NDIS Provider of Transport, we at ACS are here for you!  

NDIS transport services are a crucial component of the National Disability Insurance Scheme, offering tailored support for individuals with disabilities. These services, aligned with NDIS standards, provide accessible and reliable transportation options, including taxis, specialised vehicles, and public transport. NDIS funds can be allocated to cover travel expenses, ensuring participants can attend appointments, engage in social activities, and access community resources. By addressing mobility barriers, these services enhance the independence and inclusion of individuals. NDIS transport services contribute to a more connected and fulfilling life, recognizing the significance of accessible transportation in empowering participants to actively participate in their communities while navigating daily life with ease.

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